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Here we share experiences, discoveries, research and tidbits of our journey in staging a sensitive play "Surya ki antim kiran se surya ki pehli kiran tak" by Surendra Verma. This is Naatak's 30th production

Naatak is a San Francisco Bay Area-based theater group dedicated to producing creative and thought-provoking plays. Since its founding in 1995 by students at UC Berkeley and Stanford, Naatak has staged 29 productions in English, Hindi and Tamil. For more information, visit

Friday, May 22, 2009

Natya Shringar

Designing beards, hairpieces, prosthetics, face sculpting...all the excitement lies in “correcting the perfect face”. What do we mean???

We are “correcting to the perfect face”That would be making the face oval, round,elongated, removing and adding a couple of lines, eyes in almond shape, bright eyes, quiet eyes, projecting edge of the brow, coral lips, coarse lips, and sticking beard and mustache to our clean shaved actors (We assure you ..they look very handsome)

I thought make-up is easy - applying foundation, strokes of colors, eye-pencil, lip color and making hair white. On the job, I realized its not the same as applying make-up to a friend. The play plot, the actors and the face – all combined and set to emote the audience. Nitya's knowledge and experiences, the techniques, is helping us to create a character or make corrections. To transform Navjyoti as Mahamatya, Harish as Pratosh…. demands experience. Keerthi is making corrections to Rajiv's handsome face to sculpt the king Okkak and his dilemma and Sunder as the Warrior General. Nitya will create stereotypical submissive queen into a bold woman Sheelvati of the 20th century who accepts her sexuality and blatantly copes with it outside the marital relations.

Here is the expected age the actors should look on stage … it challenging???
Sheelvati (early 30s)
Okkak (later 30s)
Pratosh (later 30s)
Mahamatya (in 60s)
Raj Purohit (late 50s)
Mahabaladhikrit (late 50s)
Mahattarika (early 30s)
Pratihari (early 20s)

Finding the perfect foundation, color lighters, mustache, lip color....on our task list arduous task for someone who has never bought make up for anyone else!!! Will keep you guys posted on our accomplishments..interested??? join us for the next make up session.


  1. And, when is the next makeup session?

  2. are we gonna do any of the special markings like kareena in asoka? just curious.