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Here we share experiences, discoveries, research and tidbits of our journey in staging a sensitive play "Surya ki antim kiran se surya ki pehli kiran tak" by Surendra Verma. This is Naatak's 30th production

Naatak is a San Francisco Bay Area-based theater group dedicated to producing creative and thought-provoking plays. Since its founding in 1995 by students at UC Berkeley and Stanford, Naatak has staged 29 productions in English, Hindi and Tamil. For more information, visit

Monday, June 22, 2009

First Weekend!

Wow, what an opening. Thankfully nothing dramatic went down except of course the play. It all came together and thanks to the sets team and the actors we pulled off another fine showing for the Naatak group! The whole weekend is a surreal experience to be preparing all this time and suddenly it's showtime. No matter how much you've prepared, no matter what all you've thought about. Nothing really prepares you for opening night. It's always awesome to go on stage and create something completely new and unique for a new audience. I am thankful, happy and feel full and satisfied to be part of this great cast and crew team. It was a wonderful team effort.

Our second outing of the weekend was even better than the first and I can only thank the actors for their hard work and bringing all of the sets to life and thus giving a lot of meaning and life to our work. Thanks everyone.

Thanks to everyone's efforts in marketing our two shows we almost had housefuls on both night. What a spectacular showing that was. We should definitely be back in San Ramon at some point and get more and more people to come to our plays. I think the quality of our work and show that we put on will set the word of mouth out in the San Ramon area. I think we will definitely have a bigger crowd next time around.

Finally, I really want to say thank you to everyone on the sets team. You've done a stellar job. I'm proud to be part of your team and thankful to be in the company such selfless individuals who have volunteered so much time and have always pulled their weight and put 110%. Your work is paying off on a grand scale and it will pay off even more come Cubberley. The word is out Cubberley will be awesome no less. Phew... ok I'm going to sign off and go work. But can't wait for rehearsals and more shows this weekend!